Sacred music week

Exhibition of sacred, liturgical and spiritual music from 24th of november to the 4th of December

Exhibition of sacred, liturgical and spiritual music
24th of Nov. to the 4th of Dec.

In its 54th edition, the Sacred Music Week in Monreale is not only the oldest but also one of the most important and qualified European musical festivals of this kind, both for its programme and its artists.

The Festival has been organised by the Sicilian Regional Department of Tourism, Sports and Entertainment and committed to the artistic conduction of Master Giuseppe Cataldo. It will take place from the 24th of november to the 4th of december in Monreale, the lovely small Arabic-Norman town overlooking Palermo. Thanks to the usual and traditional co-operation of Monreale Archdiocesis and its Archbishop, Monsignor Salvatore Di Cristina, the concerts will be held in the enchanting atmosphere of Monreale Cathedral, which is also famous all over the world for its perfect acoustics, and in other four beautiful churches of the XVIIth century: the Church of the Collegiata, the Church of the S.S. Trinità, the Church Maria S.S. degli Agonizzanti and the Church of San Castrense.

The Festival will host a variety of acclaimed composers and performers, offering a wide selection of pieces, ranging from the Baroque, through the Classical and Romantic periods, up to the contemporary style. The inaugurating concert of the 24th of November, for example, will associate a work of such an utmost importance as Haydn’s wonderful Oratorio La Creazione with excellent contemporary performers, such as The Leipziger Symphonieorchester, the Philarmonic Chor Wien, and an excellent Native Vocal Cast, conducted by Reinhard Seehafer.

The artists’ selection wants to establish an ideal connection with the original lively spirit characterizing the last 70 years of sacred music history, since the first F.E. Raccuglia’s ‘39 edition, that is: the concept of sacred music in its widest sense.

The programme of the festival includes orchestra and choir concerts, organ recitals as well as solo exhibitions by the most appreciated specialists of the sacred music repertoire. A really evocative blend of traditional and contemporary sacred music will be performed by world-renowned orchestras, such as the Berliner Symphoniker, the Russian Male Voices Choir “The Orthodox Singers” and Cheryl Porter & Halleluiah Gospel Singers.

Announcement and promotion of the event will be given a great importance thanks to the website as well as Facebook and Twitter, constantly updating the appointments.

Admission to the concerts will generally be free but subject to availability; whereas for the nightly concerts, tickets with numbered seats must be collected at the box office, opened every day from 18:30.

To promote cultural tourism, an agreement with Federalberghi and Palermhotels has been settled to offer people special fares, simply typing a digital code, provided by the website, at the moment of booking. Finally, a special shuttle bus service will drive people from their hotels directly to the concerts and then back to their hotels.

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