Upcoming events in Sicily

Palermo Marathon
November 18 th. • Palermo

Founded in 1995, the marathon gives Palermo
a prominent place in the national and
international sector of great running events,
representing the most classical distance of
the race: the distance of 42,195 km, created
to commemorate the race of Fidippide
from Marathon to the Athens Acropolis to
announce the victory over the Persians in 490
BC. The urban path approved by the “Misuratore
ufficiale del G.G.G”, through the historic
center, follows the long axis of Via Libertà and
the straights of the Parco della Favorita, joining
the spectacular and monumental part of the
race to that technique. The event will include:
the marathon (two laps 21,097km), the halfmarathon
(one lap 21.097km), the marathon,
and half-marathon in a relay race with teams of
4 athletes. During the years, the international
nature of the event has been exemplified with
participants from all parts of the world.
Comitato organizzatore
Via Vincenzo Di Marco, 29 – Palermo
Tel +39 091 7308334



Morgana Festival
November-December • Palermo

For twenty-five years, the Morgana Festival’s
exhibition of “pupi” (puppets), has brought
to the stage its shows where historical
Sicilian “pupari” exhibit. Companies that
maintain the charm of a tradition that
UNESCO has proclaimed a “Masterpiece
of oral tradition and intangible heritage
of humanity”. The Morgana Festival is the
perfect blend of elite and popular culture
through the use of chivalrous narrative, a
source of imaginary material to revisit. The
puppets were imported from Naples, where
they came from Spain in the seventeenth
century, and for the half of the 19th century
the Opera dei Pupi spread all over Sicily.
Pasqualino Museum, location of Morgana
Festival has been recognized as an institution
that promotes Sicilian Opera dei Pupi
throughout the world.
Museo internazionale
delle marionette Antonio Pasqualino
Via Butera, 1 – Palermo
Tel +39 091 328 060



Exhibition of sacred, liturgical and spiritual music
November-December • Monreale (PA)

For over half a century, November and December
in Monreale have been the months
dedicated to the International Exhibition
of Sacred Music. This year, the exhibition’s
fifty-third, will maintain the high level
reached in the past confirming an event that
is now a reference point for artists and fans.
A festival that offers the possibility to live, in
the incomparable background of Monreale
Cathedral, a unique moment to listen to
the deep suggestions of the organ with its
ten thousand pipes and more than three
hundred and ten keys in silver and platinum.
Concerts are in the classical and liturgical
tradition without neglecting contemporary
music and the innovations realized by young
Sicilian talents.
Assessorato regionale
turismo, sport e spettacolo
Servizio Turistico Regionale
Via Salita Belmonte, 43 – Palermo
Tel +39 091 6398011 – Fax +39 091 6375400


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