Villagrazia di Carini in Sicily

Golfo di Carini

Villagrazia di Carini is a suburb of Carini in the Province of Palermo.

The course guiding through the city is the Via Nazionale, home to several shops and main services, also crossed by the SS113.
Villagrazia owns a school, which has features of both elementary media, dedicated to Guttuso, and two centers of storage for boats.


In 1899 there were found the remains of catacombs, probably dating to the third century AD. C.
The village was formed as a holiday resort, thanks to the many nobles from Palermo who moved into the territory of Carini.

Administrative data & information

  • Region Sicily
  • Province Palermo
  • Population 7000
  • Zip Code 90044
  • Area Code 091
  • Time zone UTC +1
  • Local inhabitants: Villagraziani
  • Patron: Saint Maria SS. of Grace
  • Location: Villagrazia Di Carini is positioned in Italy
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