2013 Teatro Massimo Season: two of the Ring operas will be rescheduled

Teatro Massimo PalermoThe Fondazione Teatro Massimo is undergoing a severe deficit (over 3 million euros), as recent investigations into the budget have made clear. The 2013 Season, that was planned before the Foundation was brought into administration through an external commissioner, cannot possibly be staged as such this year, due to costs that clearly exceed the actual productive capacity of the Teatro Massimo and go beyond the economical prospects of the Foundation.
It becomes necessary to postpone to a time to be later arranged the two operas of the Wagnerian Ring Siegfried and Götterdämmerung, whose costs would weigh upon the budget for 1 million 300 thousand euros.
The two ballets scheduled in June have also been substituted as a part of this necessary amendment to the budget.
More cost reduction initiatives will take place, concerning every item of expenditure, including the employees, in accordance with the Theater trade unions representatives. This inevitable financial rigor policy is undertaken as a means of protection for the Foundation and its workers.
The Foundation will inform the public in the next weeks on the new 2013 schedule, while pleading with founder members, workers, subscribers, as well as with all members and representatives of the economic and cultural life in Sicily and elsewhere, to rally round the Teatro Massimo – cultural excellence of international capacity – supporting it in this difficult phase.

The External Commissioner

Prefect Fabio Carapezza Guttuso

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