Concetta Coppolino

Concetta was born on the beautiful Island of Sicily in 1939. She grew up in a small village called Mazzarra S. Andrea, on the northern coast of Sicily which is situated at the foot of one of Sicily’s many mountains. She is the sixth child of a family consisting of nine children. Married in 1957, she moved to England with her husband and first child in 1960, and was then blessed with another two children to fill her life. She has lived in and around the picturesque University town of Cambridge for the past 49 years, and although England is her home now, Sicily is never far from her thoughts and she visits her native home every year. Concetta enjoys reading action adventure books, Colin Forbes being one of her favourite Authors. She also likes spending time writing her stories, eating the fruits and watching the wildlife in her garden. But most of all, she enjoys the company of her seven grandchildren.


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