The Monuments Men

Based on extensive research including original interviews, primary source documents, and eyewitness and family contributions, this new book is the most complete and authoritative work on the man and his family.
The Monuments Men
Have you seen George Clooney’s movie, The Monuments Men? Salvatore Cartaino Scarpitta was a real Monuments Man. He made monuments! His famous artist son, Salvatore Scarpitta, Jr., was one of the Monuments Men as honored in George Clooney’s Monuments Men movie. His father was a world renowned sculptor who made his home in Hollywood, California.

Some are already saying that this new book, a true story, is even more exciting than The Monuments Men. You will read of the true adventures of Salvatore, Sr., only some of which include stowing away aboard ships, crossing deserts, and sculpting the quintessential life sized statue of the famous Marlene Dietrich used in the movie, Song of Songs. Among other remarkable works, he constructed the figures at the entrance to the Los Angeles County-USC Hospital, which, at the time of its construction, was the largest county hospital in the country. Salvatore’s son, Sal, Jr., worked as part of the Monuments Men in Italy. While working as a Monuments Man, his son actually saved his own father’s work!

Why would his father, Salvatore, Sr., intentionally destroy a two story monument he had spent years constructing? Find out in the pages of this new book. Here is a man who loved his adopted country, America. He was an adventurer in life and in the passion of love. You must hear this true story of the adventures of Salvatore Scarpitta! The book is coming soon!

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