Siracusa – Beautiful with Sadness

Siracusa, SicilyMaybe for my knowledge about Siracusa, a small town, I learn in advance, I notice a gentle and cultivated feeling when I step onto the old city area of Ortiga Island.

This small town, with a population of less than thirty thousand, is located in the southeast of Sicily in Italy. It is divided into two parts of which the old part is on Ortiga Island and the other part is in the peninsula area. Ortiga Island has appealing history and myths although it is small like a sparrow. I wonder where my gentle and cultivated feeling about the town comes from. I walk along the east coast of the matronly Ortiga Island. In the road junction, it is the “Archimedes Street” when turn right.

GdS - Edizione di Siracusa

Over two thousand years ago, Siracusa, as one of city-states of the ancient Greece, was determined to replace Greece which was a culture city then. As a matter of fact, not only did it defeat Greece in military affairs, but also it applied itself to build an elegant society. As a result, you can hear some stories here about Plato and so on. The native-born Archimedes ran in the street, naked and shouting out with “Eureka”, after he found the physics law. As time flies, the street pattern today is so different from that of the age-old Greece.

Going ahead to the south, I want to visit a beautiful and sad legend. The Aretusa spring and the green and lush pond are by the blue Mediterranean Sea. The fairy of Aretusa in the legend is a maid who serves the hunt goddess of Artemis. She is loved by Achelous strongly. Aretusa flees to Ortiga and requests Artemission to turn her into this pond in order to dodge the Achelous. The Achelous is unwilling to give up and changes the course of the river and immit the pond from the underground. From then on, they two are with each other.

After saying goodbye to Aretusa, I turn in an alleyway for the first time and go towards the Piazza Duomo. The most important Catholic Church of Ortiga and a museum are on the piazza. The vision before me reminds me of a woman–Monica Bellucci who becomes well known for the film <<Malena>>. This film is shot on the Piazza. The film director shows people the life rhythm of this Piazza by fluent switches of camera lens. Also, the beautiful and sad legends are connected by this film. For more information about traveling; please have a look at [].

Un Gran Bel…Vedere a Siracusa

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