Flight deals to Sicily

Flight deals to Sicily

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Flugzeugreifen fällt auf Strand in Sizilien

Auf den Strand fallende Flugzeugreifen

Wenn Flugzeugreifen sich selbständig machen und zum Baden an den Strand wollen/rollen..

Flugzeugrad geht badenGestern, kurz nach dem Start einer Boeing 737-36 um 9.28 Uhr vom Flughafen Fontanarossa in Catania, Sizilien hat sich eines der Hinterräder mal kurz zum Schwimmen im Meer verabschiedet, sich kurzerhand von der Halterung gelöst um mit Schwung am Strand “Della Plaia” zu landen und sich zur Abkühlung ein Bad im Meer zu gönnen. Laut Corriere Della Sera bemerkte der Pilot sofort den Abgang des Reifens, hatte jedoch nicht den Mut seinen 90 Passagieren zu sagen was Sache ist und kehrte mit der Entschuldigung der üblichen technischen Probleme zur Notlandung um. Anschließend – genaue Ermittlungsergebnisse liegen allerdings noch nicht vor – nahm er gemeinsam mit dem Co-Piloten und zwei Stewardessen ein Taxi zum Strand um das abtrünnige Rad zu suchen. Allerdings verlief die Suche sprichwörtlich im Sande (die nach der Mannschaft übrigens auch).
Die Suche nach einem gebrauchten Ersatzrad sowie einer neuen Mannschaft lief sofort an, allerdings ist nicht bekannt ob die Passagiere inzwischen nach Mailand weiterfliegen konnten oder sich vor Verzweiflung in den Ätna gestürzt haben.

Trapani, most strategic spot in the west of Sicily

Accommodation in Trapani, Sicily

Trapani is getting more and more attention as a low budget holiday destination and as a starting point for a tour around Sicily. This is mainly because Ryanair offers cheap flights from different parts in Europe. A beautiful historic centre, gateway to the Egadi Islands and having hosted the 8th and 9th acts of the Louis Vuitton Cup, part of the Americas Cup, made Trapani become famous in recent times. The nearby island of Pantelleria, and the Aegadian Islands are also administratively a part of Trapani province. The province of Trapani alone produces more wine than the entire regions of Tuscany or Piedmont or such nations as Hungary, Austria or Chile. Find more about Trapani here>>

Sicily News from Trapani

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At the foot of Mount Etna – Catania

At the foot of Mount Etna - Catania

Catania is the second largest city of Sicily and is the capital of the province which bears its name. With some 350,000 inhabitants (750,000 in the metropolitan area) it has the second highest population density on the island. The city’s patron saint is Saint Agatha. Catania is located on the east coast of the island, half way between Messina and Siracusa and is at the foot of the active volcano Mount Etna. It was founded in the 8th century BC by Greek colonizers from Chalcis in Euboea led by Euarchos.  It was extensively destroyed by earthquakes in 1169 and 1693 and by lava flows which ran over and around it into the sea. The first Sicilian university was founded there in 1434.

At the foot of Mount Etna - Catania

Find out more about Catania>>

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Neighbourhood of Sicily: Morocco

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Canary Islands

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The new airport of Comiso

Comiso, 30 the airport will be ready: for flights there are still missing contracts.
Made almost all the bureaucratic steps. Working now for incentives to companies. Discounts from the hotels.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WJT6CN-1xH0#at=32]

COMISO, on 30. May the airport from Comiso will be ready. Maybe there won’t be any flight, but the airport will be operational. The official opening date of the airport has been confirmed on 2 May, in Rome, during the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of ENAC. On May 25, will be signed the decree opening of the airport of Comiso. From May 23 will start testing of the staff of the tower. Meanwhile, in this month, it will start the procedures for “airport emergency plans.”

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Direct Flights to Catania Fontanarossa, Sicily

Direct Flights to Catania Fontanarossa, SicilyThis is a list of all direct flights to Catania Fontanarossa in Sicily.

There are other ways to reach Catania Fontanarossa, here are listed only direct flights. To find the dates, time tables and booking possibilities please go here>>

Germany to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Nuremburg – Air Berlin, TUIfly
  • Berlin Brandenburg – Lufthansa, Air Berlin
  • Munich – Air Berlin, Air Malta, Lufthansa, TUIfly
  • Stuttgart – TUIfly, Air Berlin, germanwings
  • Cologne – TUIfly, Air Berlin
  • Frankfurt am Main – Air Berlin, TUIfly
  • Dusseldorf International – Air Berlin, Lufthansa, TUIfly
  • Berlin Tegel – Air Berlin, TUIfly
  • Hannover – TUIfly, germanwings

Austria to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Vienna – Lauda Air, Austrian Airlines

Switzerland to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Geneva – easyJet
  • Basel Mulhouse Freiburg – Air Berlin, TUIfly
  • Zurich – Air Berlin, TUIfly
  • Bern – helvetic

Denmark to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Copenhagen – Cimber Air

Netherlands to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Amsterdam – transavia

Belgium to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Brussels International – Brussels Airlines, JetairFly

France to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Paris Charles de Gaulle – easyJet, XL Airways France, Wind Jet
  • Paris Orly – transavia

Spain to Catania Fontanarossa

  • Barcelona – Wind Jet

United Kingdom to Catania Fontanarossa

  • London Gatwick – easyJet, British Airways, Thomson Flights
  • Manchester – Thomson FlightsTo find the dates, time tables and booking possibilities please go here>>

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Direct Flights to Trapani, Birgi, Sicily

Direct Flights to Trapani, Birgi, SicilyThis is a list of all direct flights to Trapani Birgi in Sicily.

There are other ways to reach Trapani, here are listed only direct flights. To find the dates, time tables and booking possibilities please go here>>

Germany to Trapani Birgi

  • Frankfurt Hahn – Ryanair
  • Memmingen Allgäu – Ryanair
  • Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden – Ryanair

Denmark – Trapani Birgi

  • Billund – Ryanair

Sweden to Trapani Birgi

  • Stockholm S. Skavsta – Ryanair

Finland to Trapani

  • Tampere – Ryanair

Netherlands to Trapani Birgi

  • Eindhoven – Ryanair
  • Maastricht – Ryanair

Belgium to Trapani Birgi

  • Brussels S. Charleroi – Ryanair

France to Trapani Birgi

  • Paris Beauvais – Ryanair

Spain to Trapani Birgi

  • Madrid – Ryanair
  • Gerona – Ryanair
  • Valencia – Ryanair

United Kingdom to Trapani Birgi

  • London Luton – Ryanair

Poland to Trapani Birgi

  • Krakow – Ryanair

Malta to Trapani Birgi

  • Luqa Malta International – Ryanair

To find the dates, time tables and booking possibilities please go here>>

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