Taormina, most celebrated tourist resort in Sicily

Modern Taormina is a refined centre built on Monte Tauro and sits snugly between rocky slopes and the smooth Ionian Sea, not forgetting the lush beaches of Mazzarò, Lido Spisone and Mazzeo. Taormina can claim to be the most celebrated tourist resort in the whole of Sicily. It first attracted travelers in the 18th century by offering accommodation following the suppression of the religious guilds in 1866. But its name really took off in 1868 when Prussian Baron Ottone Geleng was inspired by Goethe to see this corner of Italy for himself. The Baron spent his time painting and his work was soon exhibited in Paris. Taormina then became a magnet for Europe’s elite. Another stroke of good fortune was an outbreak of cholera in Palermo which encouraged the nobility of the city to take refuge in 1875. The sumptuous villas are a result of this period. Read more>>

Isola Bella in front of Taormina, Sicily

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Bicycle Rental in Sicily


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30 anni con successo

30 anni con successo

30 anni con successoCaro Gunnar,
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Mark Caney
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30 anni con successo


Golfing is better in Sicily

Golf Hotels in Sicily

Golfing is better in Sicily!

Although in many Italian regions winter does not seem to be coming to an end, it is almost time to think about summer holidays and to book a hotel in the city you have chosen. One of the most popular destinations in Italy, as far as sea holidays is concerned, is Sicily, with its sea, wonderful landscapes, rich historical, artistic and cultural heritage and fine food. For their summer holidays many Italians, as well as people from abroad, choose Sicilian beaches, which in many cases are every bit as beautiful as the most exotic ones.

However, Sicily has many other aces in the hole, and has much to offer to its tourists also in terms of golf. The number of people who have a passion for this sport is increasing, also due to the sport deeds – and other kinds of deeds – of champions like Tiger Wood, who in the last few years has certainly promoted the sport he is excellent in. In Italy the increasing success of this sport is also due to the great results achieved by the Molinari brothers and Matteo Manassero, who became professional when he was 17, bringing to the fore a sport that otherwise would not be so popular in Italy, at least as far as the interest of media is concerned.

For all the golf lovers, old and new, there is no such thing as spending a few days in Sicily, where you can find some wonderful golf courses and hotels with spa, perfect for relaxing and recovering your strength after spending a day on the course. Sicily is the ideal region to practice an open-air sport like golf, with its mild climate and favorable climatic conditions that give you the possibility to play also in winter. In winter, indeed, when in other Italian regions people have chattering teeth and playing golf is unpleasant, if not impossible, the mild temperature of Sicily does not stop the lovers of this sport. An edge over also for the tourist sector of the region, which can be seasonally adjusted also with golf. Moreover, you do not need to worry about summer temperatures, which might be very high in Sicily, since in many areas of the island it is dry and windy, thus it is easier to stand the heat.

There are golf courses in many Sicilian provinces. Near Catania, for example, there are courses that offer you an unmatchable view of Etna, while near Trapani playing golf might mean immersing in the charm of the Madonie National Park. Other interesting golf courses in Sicily are the ones near Ragusa, which are only few minutes away from the most popular beaches of the province, and the course of Pantelleria, where you can play being literally surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

If you want to mix golf and sea holidays, or you are looking for a golf course where you can play even when summer takes long to come, Sicily is what you are looking for.

This article was written by Francesca Tessarollo with help from family vacations Sicily. For more information, please visit beach holidays Italy or traveling to Sicily.

Source: http://www.articletrader.com

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Share Your Opinion on Marine Litter

EU Marine Litter Scuba divers are familiar with the sight of debris underwater and many of us remove and report trash every time we dive. Now you have a unique opportunity to share your opinion on how the European Union (EU) can tackle marine litter issues. Read More

Racing for Sharks in the New York Marathon

Run for Sharks NY Marathon The ING New York Marathon 2013 was the largest marathon yet, attracting more than 50,000 runners including the amazing athletes of the Project AWARE “Run for Sharks” team. Not only did the entire team cross the finish line, they raised nearly $13,000 for shark protection. Way to go team! Read More

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Cast Your Vote for the Best Ocean Action Projects

Ocean Action Project Last month, we called for applications from leaders with the courage and vision to make ocean protection a reality in their community. Project AWARE received more than 80 applications from around the world for the Ocean Action Project. Stay tuned to vote and help kickstart your favorite projects. Follow us on Facebook

Endangered Species Day, 17 May – Choose Sharks

Endangered Species Day, 17 May - Choose Sharks

Dear Gunnar

You helped us campaign for an amazing milestone for sharks and rays. The oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, three species of hammerheads and both manta rays – all classified as threatened on IUCN’s Red List – are now added to CITES Appendix II.

We can all be grateful for these historic and unprecedented successes, but they are victories in a larger battle and now is the time more than ever to continue positive momentum.

Driven by the power of divers like you, donations are needed today to support critical efforts for sharks including:

– Fighting to stop finning

– Insisting on full protections for critically endangered sharks

– Negotiating strong policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks.

Overfishing, by catch and finning are driving sharks to the brink. Finning – a cruel and wasteful practice of slicing off the sharks’ fins and throwing the body overboard at sea –must end.

Scuba divers are swimming to end finning from now through to July to raise awareness. This Endangered Species Day, please join scuba divers worldwide with a donation in support of our critical efforts or by donating to support Project AWARE Finathon swimmers.

Divers like you rate shark dives as one of the most thrilling experiences. You can make a gift today to ensure sharks remain at the top of the environmental agenda.

If we do not act now the consequences will be tragic and devastating for marine ecosystems. Together, divers are a powerful force in a battle to protect critically endangered sharks worldwide.

Thank you, it’s an honour to be on watch with you to protect our ocean planet – one dive at a time.

For the Ocean,
Alex Earl Executive Director Project AWARE
Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation
PS If you’re FINatical about sharks Get Swimming to End Finning, organize a Finathon, solo swim or join an event near you to fundraise for shark protection.

Golf in Sicily

Golf in Sicily

Golf in Sicily

Il Picciolo Golf Club
Le Madonie golf Club
Villa Airoldi Golf Club
Verdura Resort
Donnafugata Golf Resort