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Here a list of a few Applications for smartphones about Sicily in which you might be interested.

  1. Sicily, Italy – FREE Guide

Travel Sicily, Italy: Illustrated Guide, Phrasebook and Maps (Mobi Travel)

Travel Sicily, Italy: Illustrated Guide, Phrasebook and Maps (Mobi Travel)MobileReference guides help you get the most out of your vacation. The guides are available for most destinations worldwide and always include FREE offline GPS maps. Over 3 million MobileReference Travel Guides have been downloaded.

The world’s most popular electronic guides developed for your smartphone have the following features:

  • GPS map loads to your smartphone memory – no network access needed once the app is downloaded.
  • GPS map displays your location along with nearby sights and attractions.
  • MobileReference guides use vector-based maps so they load quickly and are easy to zoom and scroll.
  • Unlike other travel guides, GPS coordinates for attractions have been verified by users on the ground.
  • Attraction articles can be accessed from both an alphabetical and a categorical index.
  • Top 10 attractions article features sights that no visitor should miss.
  • Articles include tips on what to do and see in your destination.
  • Articles can be added to a list of favorites.
  • Phrasebooks include list of common words and phrases.
  • The top restaurants have been individually selected by MobileReference editors. These restaurants are marked by a star in the EAT chapter and are plotted on the GPS map.
  • No ads
  • No roaming charges

MobileReference Travel Guides provide detailed, practical information about attractions, landmarks, transportation, cultural venues, dining, lodging, history and much more. They are indexed alphabetically and by category, making it easier to access individual articles.

This fully-functional guide is absolutely free. The full version (only $4.99) adds Text-To-Speech and expands articles with more information about attractions, history, culture, itineraries, phrasebooks and more. Listen to complete articles on the go with Text-To-Speech: double-tap on a word to start Text-To-Speech from the selected word or select Menu > Start Text-To-Speech.


Essentials: Phrasebook | Eat | Drink | Sleep | Stay safe | Stay healthy | Respect | Driving in Europe | Units Conversion

  1. General: History | Geography | Climate | Economy | Politics | Culture | Buy
  2. Maps: Italy & Surroundings | Provinces | Sicilian Rail Network | Itinerary & Cities | Palermo | Aeolian Islands
  3. Transport: Get in | Get Around | Roads | Railways | Airports | Ports
  4. By Area: Provinces | Cities | Other Destinations | Mount Etna
  5. Attractions: Top 10 | Sights | Itinerary | World Heritage Sites | Archeological sites
  6. Top Destinations:
  7. Palermo: Map | History | Geography | Get in & around | See | Eat | Nightlife | Sleep | Cope | Stay Safe | Get Out
  8. Agrigento: History | Get in | Get Around | See | Eat | Sleep
  9. Syracuse: History | Get in & Around | See | Do & Buy | Eat | Sleep
  10. Catania: History | Geography | Transportation | Get in & around | Eat & Drink | See | Do & Buy | Sleep | Get Out
  11. Taormina: History | Culture | Events | Get in & Around | See, Do & Buy | Eat | Sleep | Get out
  12. Aeolian Islands: Lipari | Vulcano | Salina | Stromboli | Filicudi | Alicudi | Panarea | Basiluzzo
  13. Italy: History | Regions & Cities | Get around |


2. Furious Sicilian Vendetta

Sicilian Mafia gameWelcome to the beautiful island of Sicily! Also known as the island of crime. Sicily is the base of many mafia families and in Furious Sicilian Vendetta you will play as a small time unknown Sicilian gangster. When you are on Sicily you are looking to avenge the dead of your family members. You start out on the island Sicily in Italy knowing that the killers of your family have established a foothold for their operations here. The island is controlled by three other rival families, these families keeping the island under a firm grip. Having buildings all over Sicily, and attacking each other all the time.

You will begin in Furious Sicilian Vendetta with a tutorial so you can start the game with the knowledge what to do and how to do it. How the story will go in this game is all up to you. So choose your missions to earn respect and grow your mafia family.

You now can begin with your territory establishing, take on small car thief missions to earn some quick money,or bring people away with legal taxi driving missions. But the best way to earn money is setting up a network of different buildings. You can hire gangsters and crooks to take over and protect them. Wreak havoc on your rivals establishments, by killing their henchmen and taking over all their operations. As the game goes on, you are going to set up your own illegal businesses, hiring more and more gangsters to protect your buildings, shops and other stuff.

But besides this players can embark on a spectacular crime spree, stealing cars, collecting and dropping of different packages. Can you survive the dangers of the criminal underworld in this fun open world game. Use the hard earned money to upgrade your rackets, hire gangsters and crooks and customize your rides

Furious Sicilian Vendetta Features:

  • Start with a tutorial
  • Build out your mobster empire as you take over rival rackets, shops become the ultimate kingpin.
  • Hire gangsters and crooks
  • Protect your empire
  • Earn daily cash, spend it on upgrading stores and build a collection of epic cars as well
  • Drive around on Sicily
  • Do Missions to earn money and respect
  • Deliver, Taxi and Shoot your way to the top and avenge your family

You can steal all kind of different vehicles in Furious Sicilian Vendetta. Steal, Sell and buy cars, upgrade these into the vehicle you want to have. Super simple and easy controls and super advanced real physics engine.

Furious Sicilian Vendetta is set in a massive open world city that is full of different mission types, making this this one of the most fun crime games ever seen on mobile or tablets. The island feels like an open world, that is full of different missions and quests for you to take on. This game is not only a crime game, but also a real driving simulation game. The game isn’t a level by level game no the game offers a massive amount of different missions. The mechanics of Furious Sicilian Vendetta feel like a basic third person shooter.


3. Sicily Map offline

Sicilian maps offlineSicily (Italy) Map offline – is an application that allows you to view online and offline Sicily map in your mobile phone.

2 types of maps are attached in application:
1st map: Offline map. You can download it in Wi-fi service area and use without Internet.
2nd Map: Online map. Allows you to search for addresses, save points on the map. Map access is free of charge.

Application functions are available:

  1.  Add any objects to your favorites.
  2. Add your own map points (for example, your hotel or your car parking space).
  3. Object search by address.
  4. Get directions.


4. MobileMap Sicily

MobileMap SicilyMobileMap Sicily is an application that can see through the geolocation institutional maps (in this version of the Sicilian Region) services provided by WMS.

In addition, though a link button with the OMI Mobile Service, you can check the prices of the real estate market, made available by the Agency of the territory of the whole country.

The loading speed of maps depends exclusively on the server of the Sicilian Region.

The maps available have no legal value and are distributed only for purposes of study, Geofunction assumes no liability for uses or elaboration.

Consultation of the following maps:

  • Development plans
  • CTR 10k
  • CTN 2k
  • Orthophoto 2007-2008
  • Quickbird images coasts 2006-2007
  • Digital terrain model (res.2mt)
  • Quality index of the climate
  • Charter of habitat
  • Desertification sensitivity index (ESI)
  • Quality index of land management (MQI)
  • Map of land use (10k)
  • Soil quality index (SQI)
  • SCI, SPA, parks and nature reserves
  • Quality index of vegetazine (VQI)
  • Charter of the forest region of Sicily
  • Ecologically homogeneous
  • PAI (Landslide hazards)
  • PAI (Landslide risk)


5. Agrometeo Service of Sicily

Agrometeo Service of SicilyThis appllicazione provides some of the main resources of the site, web portal of administering the Office for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries of the Mediterranean Region of Sicily, made by SIAS (Sicilian Agrometeorological Information Service ) belonging to the VI Service of the Department of Agriculture regional.

They are published here for weather forecasts and graphs of data in real time.

For more detailed information on published information we invite you to access the guides of the sections.


6. Sicilian.Net WPress

Sicilian.Net WordPress AppWordPress Blog about Sicily. Inside posts in German, English & Italian about Sicilian hotels, news, music, art and lifestyle.

This is the Application of this website.


7. Italian Beaches Sicily Free

Italian Beaches Sicily FreeItalian Beaches is an app for Android that allows you to easily find all the Sicily beaches with pictures, location, characteristics of the beach and related services such as:

  • The type of beach
  • Attendance
  • Management
  • Presence of bars, restaurants, hotels, boats for hire and other services
  • Ability to navigation (with google maps navigator) to the beach selected
  • Searching more information on google
  • Sharing the app (from menu)
  • Download the beaches of other regions (to play store)

8. Sicily Guida Verde Touring

Sicily Guida Verde TouringA complete Guide to Sicily from Touring Editore
What can you do:
You can plan your visit starting from the Map or the Guide section
You can use offline or online maps
You will find what you need in the Search section
You can discover what is around you
You can choose one of our suggested tour
You can build up and save your guide with your notes and your photos
You can share with your friends your favorites

The guide contains:
• 34 tours throughout the Island. Each tour with photos, an important selection of points of interest geolocalized on the map

• 476 points of interest: monuments , streets, areas, gardens, churches to discover and to visit. Each with address, underground stop, description, map, opening hours, admission, available facilities

• 227 places to eat from the cheapest to the most luxury restaurant with our reviews, rating , opening days, cuisine, rice , credit cards accepted, animals allowed

• 289 places to stay: hotels, bed&breakfasts, residence, campings, farmholidays with our reviews, rating , opening period , price , credit cards accepted,

• 379 recommended addresses for shopping, nightlife, wellness, sport, activities. You will find where you can have a break and try an excellent ice-cream or a coffee. You are looking for a gift? check in our list.

• 320 information, news, suggestions to prepare your trip and get around Rome. All you need to know gastronomic specialities, history, Arts, books, cinema, music, parks, opportunities for children and the best events

Places and addresses of this Guide (with the exception of those with a different label) were selected from the Publisher and they fit its quality standards
All data were checked before publication, but since they change very frequently, the Publisher suggest to check them before leaving.
The Publisher anyway will not be in charge for damages, misunderstandings, delays related to information published in this guide.

9. Sicilian Proverbs

Sicilian ProverbsSicilian proverbs and sayings.
Taken from the portal SICILY IN THE WORLD, this app contains over 250 proverbs, idioms, tongue twisters and puns typical Sicilian.



10. Sicilian Recipes

Sicilian RecipesThe best of sicilian culinary tradition.
The most famous sicilian recipes: from cassata to cous cous, from pasta alla norma to stuffed aubergines. Each recipe includes a detailed description with ingredients, preparation methods and photos.
All texts are taken from Sicilia nel Mondo website.

• recipes grouped in different categories (appetizers, main courses, desserts)
• menu ideas: 7 different menus to organise a perfect sicilian dinner
• Favourite section, where you can add your favourite recipes
• Shopping list, where you can add all the ingredients you need. You can choose ingredients directly from recipes or you can add them manually
• new section for your recipes
• possibility to share the best recipes with your friends
• recipe du jour: a different recipe every day
• vocal reading of the recipe
• possibility to publish your recipes and send them by mobile phone
• form to send suggestions for future releases.

This APP is constantly evolving. If you want to add some specific functions, inform about a problem or advice additions, please send an e-mail to
We will tell you if and when the upgrade is available.

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