Sicily culture and conquest

culture and conquest

Until 14 August 2016

‘historically illuminating and visually stunning’
★★★★ The Times

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The largest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has been shaped by waves of conquest and settlement over 4,000 years.

This new special exhibition tells Sicily’s fascinating stories – from the arrival of the ancient Greeks, to the extraordinary period of enlightenment under Norman rule.

Discover a cosmopolitan island where the unique mix of peoples gave rise to an extraordinary cultural flowering. The art and objects they produced are some of the most beautiful and important in the history of the Mediterranean.

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The great masterpieces of the Coral

The great masterpieces of the Coral
Exhibition in Catania

Corals of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The exhibition will take place at the Puglisi Cosentino Foundation in Catania and works of art will be shown in coral manufacturing Trapani. There will be showcased works from private collections as well as public museums and galleries.

Opening hours: 10.00 -13.00 and 16.00 to 20.00 – Closed on Mondays – 03/03/2013-05/05/2013