Share Your Opinion on Marine Litter

EU Marine Litter Scuba divers are familiar with the sight of debris underwater and many of us remove and report trash every time we dive. Now you have a unique opportunity to share your opinion on how the European Union (EU) can tackle marine litter issues. Read More

Racing for Sharks in the New York Marathon

Run for Sharks NY Marathon The ING New York Marathon 2013 was the largest marathon yet, attracting more than 50,000 runners including the amazing athletes of the Project AWARE “Run for Sharks” team. Not only did the entire team cross the finish line, they raised nearly $13,000 for shark protection. Way to go team! Read More

Dive Stores Unite for Marine Sanctuaries

Marine Parks AU Dive professionals in New South Wales, Australia, united to reverse recent decisions to allow fishing in marine sanctuaries. Signed by 30 dive center owners, their statement raises concerns for marine environments, the areas unique wildlife as well as the dive industry. Read More

Cast Your Vote for the Best Ocean Action Projects

Ocean Action Project Last month, we called for applications from leaders with the courage and vision to make ocean protection a reality in their community. Project AWARE received more than 80 applications from around the world for the Ocean Action Project. Stay tuned to vote and help kickstart your favorite projects. Follow us on Facebook




Calling All Ocean Heroes. The Search is On!

Ocean Action Project 2013 Are you an ocean hero that can bring us one step closer to a clean, healthy ocean? Do you have an innovative, results-driven project that needs a little extra push to get off the ground? Project AWARE’s Ocean Action Project is an opportunity for individuals like you to propel shark protection and marine debris solutions locally. Apply by 31st October. Read More

Canadive Sets a Dive Against Debris Record

(c) Kyla Hemmelgarn 2013 After completing exactly 99 dives, Canadive’s amazing duo of divers, Charlotte and Isak Rydlund, completed their coast to coast expedition. They made every dive a cleanup dive by removing and logging marine debris as part of Project AWARE’s Dive Against Debris program. Check out Canadive’s cross-country trash adventure story. Read More

Debris Month of Action Volunteers Get Results

Sunshine Divers This September, volunteer scuba divers from every corner of the globe embarked on a mission to battle marine debris – the ocean’s silent killer. Together, we hauled up and reported more than 20,000 trash items from beneath the surface. Nearly 155 Dive Against Debris Heroes deserve special recognition. They signed the pledge to go the extra mile and Dive Against Debris year-round. We can’t wait to see what they haul in next. Read More

The Global Finathon Continues

Finathon Project AWARE Australia Project AWARE’s Finathon challenge continues to gain steam as more events raise awareness and critical funds for shark protection. In California, USA, Project AWARE’s Executive Director, Alex Earl, joined Oceanside Scuba and Swim Center to swim the extra mile for sharks. And down under, the Project AWARE Finathon in Manly, Australia, raised nearly $4,000 – with board member, Jeremy Coleman and daughter Georgia, age 11, finishing in the top 5 swimmers. Read More

Dive Mate. Die beste App für jeden Taucher

Art in Sicily

Wir freuen uns eine neue Version von DiveMate USB, der weltweit beste Smartphone und Tablet App für jeden Taucher, zu veröffentlichen.

Als erstes sind wir stolz auf die neue Möglichkeit, Logbücher von DiveMate USB zu diviac hochzuladen.
Diviac ist die ultimative Plattform für Taucher und verbindet das weltweit fortgeschrittenste cloud-basierte Logbuch, ein vollständiges soziales Netzwerk mit einen Reiseführer für Taucher.
Mit einem Klick können Taucher ihr DiveMate USB Logbuch samt Profilen und Tauchdaten direkt zu diviac hochladen.
Weiterhin wurde DiveMate USB um eine neue Druckfunktion erweitert. Taucher können jetzt ihre Logbücher inkl. Tauch-Profilen in verschiedenen Styles drucken. Die Logbücher können auch per Email versendet oder als PDF gespeichert werden.Wenn man gedrucktes Papier benötigt ist ein Vollblatt Profil- und Karten-Druck nur einen Klick entfernt.
Darüberhinaus ist DiveMate USB nun in 7 Sprachen verfügbar: Englisch, Deutsch, Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch, Niederländisch und Russisch.

Halten Sie Ihre Leser auf dem Laufenden was sie aus Ihrem Smartphone der Tablet machen können. Die Begeisterung hält an:

DiveMate USB ist kostenlos im Google Playstore erhältlich. Drei “Extension Packs” können in der App für zusätzliche Funktionen erworben werden.
Alle Details finden Sie unter

The Search is On! Local Ocean Heroes Wanted



The search is on! Are you a local ocean hero with an innovative, results-driven project to protect the ocean?  If so, Project AWARE’s Ocean Action Project could be the support you need to take it to the next level.

We’re supporting strong grassroots initiatives that help build a wave for global ocean protection in two key focus areas: Sharks & Rays in Peril and Marine Debris. Here’s how it works:

1. Does your Ocean Action Project idea qualify? Check out the guidelines and application to find out.

2. Complete the simple application by 31st October and submit a photo to help tell your story and inspire the public vote.

3. Can it stand up to the rest? Project AWARE will select the best of the best and let the public cast the final vote in November. If your project is selected, you’ll receive funds to give your project the extra push to succeed.

You don’t have to be a diver to get your ocean project up and running. If there’s a local effort that inspires you, please spread the word and invite others to apply. Feel free to be in touch with questions and stay tuned to vote for your favorite Ocean Action Project!

For the Ocean,
Alex Earl
Executive Director
Alex Earl


P.S. Help spread the word on social media: Are you an ocean hero? Apply to Project AWARE’s #Ocean Action Project by 31st October

Take the Challenge: Debris Month of Action

Dear Scuba Diver,

Ready for a challenge? All month long, AWARE divers around the world are making their dives count for conservation during Debris Month of Action. Why? To battle the ocean’s silent killer – marine debris – and fuel solutions for this growing ocean issue.

Take the Challenge: Debris Month of Action

You can help prevent the deaths of thousands of marine animals who eat or get tangled in litter each year. Project AWARE invites you to join divers around the world to:

  1. Dive Against Debris with a dive buddy or join a community event.
  2. Pledge to be a Dive Against Debris Hero all year round.
  3. Make your gift go twice as far. Now, through the end of the month, Dive Against Debris sponsor, Oris Watches, will match your donation up to $10,000 for this critical campaign.

Finally, and most importantly, don’t forget tosubmit your Dive Against Debris data and images online to help drive change! Each time you submit your data, you’re telling a story, and collectively, this information will support policy change for the future.

See you underwater this month and thank you for your support!

The Project AWARE Team

Endangered Species Day, 17 May – Choose Sharks

Endangered Species Day, 17 May - Choose Sharks

Dear Gunnar

You helped us campaign for an amazing milestone for sharks and rays. The oceanic whitetip, porbeagle, three species of hammerheads and both manta rays – all classified as threatened on IUCN’s Red List – are now added to CITES Appendix II.

We can all be grateful for these historic and unprecedented successes, but they are victories in a larger battle and now is the time more than ever to continue positive momentum.

Driven by the power of divers like you, donations are needed today to support critical efforts for sharks including:

– Fighting to stop finning

– Insisting on full protections for critically endangered sharks

– Negotiating strong policies to ensure a brighter future for all sharks.

Overfishing, by catch and finning are driving sharks to the brink. Finning – a cruel and wasteful practice of slicing off the sharks’ fins and throwing the body overboard at sea –must end.

Scuba divers are swimming to end finning from now through to July to raise awareness. This Endangered Species Day, please join scuba divers worldwide with a donation in support of our critical efforts or by donating to support Project AWARE Finathon swimmers.

Divers like you rate shark dives as one of the most thrilling experiences. You can make a gift today to ensure sharks remain at the top of the environmental agenda.

If we do not act now the consequences will be tragic and devastating for marine ecosystems. Together, divers are a powerful force in a battle to protect critically endangered sharks worldwide.

Thank you, it’s an honour to be on watch with you to protect our ocean planet – one dive at a time.

For the Ocean,
Alex Earl Executive Director Project AWARE
Alex Earl
Executive Director, Project AWARE Foundation
PS If you’re FINatical about sharks Get Swimming to End Finning, organize a Finathon, solo swim or join an event near you to fundraise for shark protection.

Swimming to End Finning

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Get Swimming To End FinningFundraise

Dear Gunnar

An amazing 70 people turned up to my first Finathon™ to raise funds and awareness about sharks. We smashed our target distance and had so much fun we’re doing it all again!

Together with Project AWARE our goal
is to get as many divers as possible Swimming to End Finning.

What’s the Finathon™? Like a swimathon, fun run, cycle race or marathon – the Finathon™ is a great way to bring your community together, raise awareness and funds to support this unique cause.

This July, the time has come to get FINatical about sharks.  So grab
your dive buddies, create your team, and encourage everyone to raise
300 ($ £ €)  each – the amount that shark fins are traded for per pound.

Create your online fundraising page, plan your swim and Let’s GO!

The race is on. How many people can you Get Swimming to End Finning? I can’t wait to see which team swims the furthest.

Kind Regards

Katy Bloor
PADI Course Director, Sub-Mission Dive Centre, UK  

PS Project AWARE is looking for 100 Finathon™ champions!
So whether you’re a Divemaster, Dive Instructor or Course Director join the fun and Get Swimming to End Finning.


Ce l’abbiamo fatta!

Ce l'abbiamo fatta!
Il Parlamento europeo ha infine votato per colmare le lacune nell’Unione europea (UE) divieto di asportazione delle pinne di squalo. Questo è il risultato di sei anni di diligente lavoro con i partner Shark Alliance, guidati dal vostro sostegno.

divieto di asportazione delle pinne di squaloChe cosa significa?
I membri del Parlamento europeo ha votato a grande maggioranza a favore della proposta di imporre la migliore pratica per l’esecuzione finning divieto: il divieto di asportare le pinne di squalo in mare. D’ora in poi, gli squali catturati da navi dell’UE in qualsiasi parte del mondo, devono essere sbarcati con le pinne naturalmente attaccate. L’UE ha vietato pinneggiata nel 2003, ma ha lasciato in un vuoto in cui “permessi di pesca speciali” pinne di squalo che permettono e delle organizzazioni da sbarcati a parte ha fatto una parodia del divieto. Questo voto significa che d’ora in poi, è ” FINS Attivato senza eccezioni ” !

Perché è importante?
Il divieto di asportazione delle pinne di squalo dell’Unione europea è stato uno dei più deboli nel mondo , ma l’Unione europea è uno dei maggiori esportatori di pinne di squalo in Asia. Con una “politica pinne naturalmente attaccate” in luogo, l’Unione europea, data la portata globale delle sue attività di pesca e l’influenza internazionale delle sue politiche di gestione degli squali, è in una posizione migliore di spingere per cambiare gioco misure di conservazione degli squali. Si può spingere le politiche a livello internazionale per alette senza eccezioni.

Quali sono le prospettive?
Dobbiamo garantire il divieto assoluto di finning è implementato mentre ci si concentra sulla sicurezza delle garanzie del commercio internazionale per le specie di squalo vulnerabili e raggi in CITES . Alla prossima riunione dei paesi che fanno parte della CITES nel marzo 2013 , ci sarà di nuovo la voce e la coscienza di subacquei per chiedere che gli squali e razze ricevere protezioni commerciali di cui hanno disperatamente bisogno. Questa è una vittoria fondamentale in una battaglia in corso. Continuiamo a combattere per salvare gli squali dall’estinzione e il bisogno del vostro appoggio più che mai!

Restate sintonizzati per le future gare d’appalto per l’azione e vi ringrazio per il vostro aiuto per proteggere le specie vulnerabili e in pericolo.

Per l’Oceano,

Alex Earl
Direttore Esecutivo, Project AWARE Foundation


Matrix: un altro passo verso il futuro
MATRIX 2012Matrix segna l’inizio di una nuova era nella storia dei computer da immersione!
Il primo computer con un display a matrice di punti che si adatta al vostre preferenze personali, e inaugura un cambio generazionale. Niente sarà più lo stesso …
Come il nome del nuovo computer suggerisce, Matrix ha un display a matrice di punti che possono rappresentare una ricchezza senza precedenti di informazioni in forma scritta, numerica e grafica ed è di gran lunga superiore ai tradizionali schermi LCD. Modalità orologio disponibile in digitale, ma anche in forma analogica.
Gli aggiornamenti di software e download vengono eseguiti tramite l’interfaccia USB in dotazione, con il quale si effettua anche la ricarica del computer per le attività future. Una carica completa della batteria, fornisce l’energia per almeno 20 immersioni o due settimane di funzionamento in modalità orologio. Il Processo di ricarica da 0 a 100%, richiede solo due ore. Grazie alla porta USB, si possono scegliere vari modalità di ricarica: tramite PC, presa di corrente, caricabatterie solare o in auto.
È possibile impostare fino a tre miscele Nitrox dal 21% al 100% di Ossigeno e trarre il massimo vantaggio da questo tipo di immersioni.
E.. Vi abbiamo già parlato di 35 ore logbook compresi grafici del profilo di immersione con frequenza di campionamento ogni 5s? Sopra o Sotto l’acqua, Matrix è il compagno ideale: quando le prestazioni e stile si incontrano, allora tutto ciò che serve è … Just Add Water.
Non dimenticate di controllare gli aggiornamenti software sul sito di tanto in tanto!